Kinds of massages

Traditional Thai massage

The traditional Thai massage is mainly for people who do heavy work or do heavy sports. It is a firm massage that involves stretching and bending body parts. The whole body gets a massage, including the hands, elbows, knees and feet. The massage is given 1 to 1 with thumbs and fingertips and pressure on places of muscles and nerves with stress. It is yoga-like and after the massage you will definitely feel relaxed for 2 weeks or longer.

Thai Oil Massage

The Thai oil massage is a treatment as the name says with oil.
The oil is made with extracts of exotic herbs without fraguence. The oil is suitable for any type of skin. This massage is less firm than the traditional Thai massage. It is beneficial and gives a very relaxed feeling. The back, arms, legs, neck, shoulders and knees are mainly massaged. This massage is also ideal for athletes. When the balance is disturbed by overload, various reactions arise. These reactions include fatigue, muscle pain, poor blood flow, increased tension, stiffness, cramps and fluid build-up. With the Thai oil massage, these complaints often disappear partially or completely.

Head and sholders

Thai head, neck and shoulder massage is a combined form of massage from Chinese acupressure and Western massage techniques and is very relaxing. The stressed shoulders, pressure on the head with emerging headaches or migraines can prevent these nasty elements with this relaxing massage. The massage accelerates blood circulation in the veins and ensures faster removal of waste products.

Foot Reflexology Massage

The Thai foot reflexology massage activates the energy flow of the body. Through the massage of the feet and calves and the treatment of the reflex zones on the sole of the foot, blood circulation is improved and the functioning of the organs is stimulated. The foot reflexology massage assumes that the organs of the body are connected to pressure points on the sole of the foot. By treating those pressure points, any blockages in the energy flow can be reduced or even removed. In the Thai foot reflexology massage, a wooden massage stick is used to stimulate the reflex zones. This can stimulate the functioning of certain organs. The feet are first cleaned, warmed by rubbing movements and light kneading and then the acupressure with the massage stick.

Herbal stamp

For the herbal stamp massage, the masseuse uses warm herbal bags, which consist of cleansing, activating and relaxing herbs from Thailand. With this, the masseuse activates the blood circulation and your muscles become more flexible.
The combination with an oil massage of your back, shoulders and head provides ultimate relaxation. The herbal stamp massage is a massage with a deep effect, because the warm herbs have a healing effect deep into the underlying tissue, even into the organs. The massage also activates the metabolism and improves circulation and blood flow. Blood vessels expand due to the heat, the skin is better perfused and waste products are removed faster

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